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Journey of Love

Aflame With Love

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"Behold this heart, which has loved men so much, and yet men do not want to love Me in return.  Through you, My divine Heart wishes to spread its love everywhere on earth."  So went the words of our Lord to St. Margaret Mary Alcoque centuries ago -- and yet the message remains fully relevant today.  Not only are men's hearts cold in response to the sufferings and love of Christ in our present culture of instant gratification and secularism.  The second half of Jesus message holds true today also.  It's though US, you and I, that the Lord wants to bring His love into this world.  He desires that we be His hands and His feet.  He longs that our Heart be transformed into His Heart, loving recklessly and daringly, setting the world afire with His love.  Might I take this opportunity to quote our Dominican friend, St. Catherine of Sienna who said, "If you are who you are meant to be you will set the world on fire."  Jesus desires nothing less of us than radical, all-consuming holiness which, though a single flame, ignites all those with whom it comes into contact with the same fire.
So went the theme at our annual Carmelite Day retreat for 6th-11th grade girls on June 3rd (pics above) & 10th (pics below) as we Sisters tried to express to young women the magnitude of love pouring from the Sacred Heart which has won our hearts.  Take a glance at the pictures...and perhaps you can join us next year!


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