Eternal thanks to the good God that by prayer one can work everywhere, quietly and secretly, for the salvation and sanctification of souls, even from the greatest distance.
-- Blessed Mother Maria Teresa of St. Joseph


A Day in the Life of a
Carmelite Sister of the Divine Heart of Jesus

At 5 a.m. the bell calls us out of our beds -- the first Resurrection of the day. Kneeling down, we offer God our whole day through Immaculate Heart of Mary. By 5:30 a. m. everyone is in the Oratory for Morning Prayer and a half hour of silent mediation. After that, some sisters go to bring the residents to Mass, others will say their rosary, go for a little walk, etc. 7:00 a.m. is the highlight of our day, our most privileged meeting with our Divine Spouse, the “source and summit of our life” -- the Holy Mass. After Mass, we have breakfast, usually in the silence so characteristic of Carmel. At 8:00, we have spiritual reading -- one Sister reads a book aloud for the community. As we are all fed from the same intellectual food, we are formed intellectually as a community.  Then, we “come down from the heights of Carmel” and head off to our apostolates with either the children or the elderly. At noon, we come back together for prayers followed by dinner at 12:30. At dinner we talk. In this midday pause we have fulfilled Our Lord’s command to “pray always” and received both the spiritual and human strength we need for the afternoon’s prayer and work. At 5:00 p.m., we come together again for Evening Prayer and another half hour of meditation.  Then, at 6:00 p. m., we have supper with table reading. At 7:00, we have recreation, a time for talking and sharing and, on feast days, playing games. After this, we have Night Prayer at 8:00. Then begins the time of complete silence in order that our day may end in the profound silence and solitude wherein the Beloved is found.


The combination of prayer and service is our life and mission, gift to the Church, and the World.
-- Constitutions of the Carmelite Sisters, DCJ


Our Horarium:

5 a.m. Rising

5:30-6:25 Morning Prayer and meditation

7:00 Holy Mass followed by breakfast

8:00-8:30 Spiritual Reading

12:00 Office of Reading and Daytime Prayer

12:30 Dinner

5:00-5:50 Evening Prayer and meditation

6:00 Supper

7:00-8:00 Recreation

8:00-8:25 Night Prayer

Each Sister also prays the Rosary and Station of the Cross daily


Prayer and meditation come first; work for God, neighbor or the religious family in between is secondary.
-- Blessed Mother Maria Teresa of St. Joseph


We endeavor to live in the presence of God as Elijah has done and pledge ourselves to promote His glory. “God lives and I stand before His face.”
-- Constitutions of the Carmelite Sisters, DCJ

Carmelite Sisters D.C.J.
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