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Retreats & Events

It is our joy to share the depth and beauty of our way of life with young women and inspire within them a profound love for Jesus Christ through retreat opportunities. Each year a number of retreats are held at our Provincial House in St. Louis (Kirkwood), Missouri, for single, Catholic women 17-29 years of age. All retreats include an experience of our way of life through participation in our communal prayers, the chanting of the Divine Office, Holy Mass, and recreation with the Sisters. Retreats further include talks given on the theme by a Sister or priest, time for silence with the Lord, and an opportunity to meet other young women discerning God’s call.
Younger girls also have several opportunities throughout the year to become acquainted with our way of life via Sequela Christi volunteer days and Carmelite Day.

Carmelite Day  -  Spring/Summer 2019

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A day of faith and fun for 6th-11th grade girls with the goal of sparking a desire for holiness within their hearts, introducing them to the Sisters, and encouraging them to pray for their vocation.

The schedule of the day includes Mass, adoration, talks given by the Sisters on the theme, time for prayer, the chanting of the Divine Office with the Sisters, and, of course, fun of all kinds!

If for any reason you would like to register for the date which does not correspond to your grade level, please contact Sr. Mary Michael to discuss this possibility before registering.

Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Event Donation: $8.00

Event Location: 10341 Manchester Road / St. Louis, MO 63122

Registration for this event is not yet open.

Register Here Printable Flyer Liability Form

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