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Journey of Love

A New Bride of Christ

"I, Sister Maria Josefa of the Pierced Heart of Jesus, call upon Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Saint Father Joseph, all our holy Patrons and the Sisters here present to witness my Profession..."  On July 2, 2016, after three years of living, praying, and working with our community throughout postulancy and novitiate, Sr. Maria Josefa professed the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  A blessed day it is when one is wedded to the One who created her and desires to be with her for all eternity.  The day was also the celebration of the 65th Jubilee of Sr. M. Andrea of the Holy Cross, as well as a time to commemorate 125 years of our congregation, which was started in Berlin, Germany in 1891.  We must mention, too, that on the evening of July 1st, our postulants became Carmelite novices clothed in the habit taking the names Sr. Marya Perpetua and Sr. M. John Paul.

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