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Journey of Love

Because the Lord has Called

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August 22, 2017, was more than just the magnificent feast of our Lady's crowning in heaven.  This year, it was also the entrance date for our three new postulants. "I have come because I feel that our Lord has called me," they stated in their entrance ceremony...and how true this is.  Entrance into religious life does not come about simply from a conclusion after detailed analysis that "this way of life would be most fitting for me" or "I think this way of life will make me happy."  It is, rather, a response to the gentle whisper of the Lord in one's heart saying, "Come."  Without knowing exactly what the future will hold or where it will ultimately lead, those in consecrated life respond as Mary did centuries ago, "Fiat, Lord.  Thy will be done."
Please pray for our postulants as they learn the way of Carmel and further discern what the Lord desires of them.