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Journey of Love

The Canonization of a Carmelite!

A wonderful day for the Church was celebrated on October 16th, 2016…a day of joy for all Carmelites throughout the world. It is the canonization of Elizabeth of the Trinity, a cloistered Carmelite nun who died at the tender age of 26 in Dijon, France, from Addison’s disease. October 16th is a celebration for several of our sisters in particular, who have either taken their name from her religious name or her name as their title. She is a powerful intercessor in many ways, most especially for those who desire to grow in understanding the love of the Trinity dwelling within them as baptized persons. Elizabeth was a lover of silence and recollection, but this did not take away her sociability and cheerfulness! She sacrificed much to enter the convent, including a reputable career as a pianist. She willingly gave all and did all for God. It was hard not to love her! Even prior to entering the convent, Elizabeth socialized at parties and dances, but kept her heart and mind fixed on God. One of the young men at a dance was speaking to his friend, thinking about asking Elizabeth to dance. The friend replied, observing her heavenly face, radiant with love of Christ, “Look at her expression, she’s not for us.” Elizabeth was a favorite of everyone who encountered her because she truly loved them and the God dwelling within them. A fervent reader of St. Paul’s epistles, she felt herself drawn to his words. Some of her best writings are her letters from Carmel, written to her family and friends. These display a truly open and human soul, yet one in love with Jesus, desiring to share that love with others. Elizabeth was truly gifted in prayer, but she was also very human. Most notably, she had to overcome a very strong and willful temperament growing up. Words that she would often use to describe this were, “boiling inside”! She is easily relatable and a true friend to those discerning the Carmelite way of life. She especially is helpful to those who have parents who are having a difficult time accepting their children’s vocations. I encountered her in my later discernment, and she has been a true friend and powerful intercessor ever since. Get to know her! The saints are our best friends in heaven who want us there even more than we want to get there! St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, pray for us! - Sr. Mary Elizabeth